How to eat more green vegetables…

Eating more green vegetablesComing from an Asian background, raw food is never one of my favorites. I still remember the first time I tasted salad 13 years ago, and I swore never eat that thing again… Time went by and I started to get used to the salad… not that I like the raw vegetable taste, it is the rich dressing that kills any kind of raw flavor from the vegetables…

Even though almost everybody thinks salad is the best meal to keep you healthy and lean, but while you look at the calories and ingredients in those dressing, there is always a concern at the back of my head, is this really healthy? Even with the light dressing?

Since started to eat salad, not much green goes to my plate, mostly are lettuce, tomatoes and carrots… Do not get me wrong, those are good vegetables, but somehow, the green vegetable is always in my memories, the best vegetable for taste and for health…

So, to cut this short, let’s talk about the way I am trying to intake more green vegetable…

Usually, 3oz of vegetable fluffs up really big and hard to eat them even with those dressings. But by “Sauteing” a.k.a “Stir Fry” the greens, you can intake up to 5 ~ 6 oz of them without any hesitation!

  1. Heat 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil  in your saute pan — some call it “evoo
  2. Grab 2 ~ 3 oz of greens in to the pan and gently toss them with a tone
  3. While the greens are shrinking, grab couple more greens into the batch, keep tossing gently
  4. Until all the greens are welted — make sure not to cook too long, or the water will all come out and the vegetable will taste dry
  5. Turn off the burner, stir in 1~2 tbs of aged balsamic vinegar based on your taste…
  6. Plate them either as a base of the grilled chicken or just eat as a vegetable dish…

Enjoy and eat healthy everyday!

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